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Ventral Features

The ventral (or under) side of the animal presents a number of important anatomical features.  About halfway between the head and flukes, a navel (or belly button) may be found. This is the remaining fetal connection point with the mother via the placenta and umbilical cord so common to all mammals. In the photograph below of a male dolphin, the navel is about the size of a half dollar and appears in the upper third of the picture.


Another prominent feature is the urogenital and anal openings and, if female, the mammary slits. A male may have small, vestigial mammary slits. But they are not as prominent as in the female.

Male Versus Female

Determining male from female Atlantic Bottlenose Dolphin is not as difficult as one might initially suspect. In the female, the urogenital and anal slits are one in the same – a long slit extending ventrally from just past the dorsal fin to the center of the peduncle. The male’s urogenital and anal slits are slightly separate. BUT, the most prominent feature distinguishing gender is the presence of 3 inch long mammary slits on either side and parallel to the urogenital/anal opening of the female. Under each of these two mammary slits may be found a left and right mammary gland, internally located so as to avoid drag or resistance when the animal is swimming.

Typically, adult males will weight 25% more than adult females.


This is a photograph of the underside of a female Atlantic Bottlenose Dolphin. The single urogenital/anal opening is easily seen, as are the two mammary slits, one to each side of this opening. Thus, the female dolphin is said to resemble a "divide sign" in appearance.


This photograph of the male's underside shows his urogenital opening with a separate opening for the anus. Thus, we say the male resembles an "exclamation mark" in appearance.

According to the Dolphin Research Center in Marathon, Florida, dolphins are indiscriminately amorous, engaging in a number of sexual behaviors with other dolphins and with inanimate objects as a means of developing those sexual and social skills needed as adults. It is believed that males need more time to practice their sexual behavior skills than do females.
In this video a young (6 year old) male dolphin is carrying a Frisbee on his erect reproductive organ (penis). With a young dolphin, an erection without "cause" is common. In fact, an erection is a voluntary action for male dolphins. While swimming, the erect organ faces forward to facilitate insertion into the female urogenital opening during intercourse. Little to no stimulus is required for ejaculation to occur. This is to the dolphin's advantage because male-to-female contact during mating is not lengthy, amounting to only a few seconds. If such contact were lengthy it could divert the attention of the pair, decreasing their chances of detecting approaching predators. Rapid ejaculation also allows for the easy collection of semen samples from captive dolphins, an important part of the health assessment process. It is believed that ejaculation is a voluntary process in dolphins.

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